Grower & Partner Focus

At Acadian Plant Health™, our focus is on providing the best crop protection agricultural products to growers. To achieve this, our customer service extends throughout the entire organization, with a highly specialized sales force, marketing team and research and development department all dedicated to providing partners, customers and growers with the farm solutions they need.

Custom Application Programs

Acadian Plant Health™’s goal is to offer innovative agricultural products catered to each farmer’s unique agricultural conditions, crop protection and crop improvement needs. Our crop care professionals invest in learning about farmer’s distinct situations so they can offer a crop care agricultural product that truly addresses the farmer’s needs.

Instead of offering stand-alone products, we look for the best way our unique solutions can fit into and enhance a farmer’s existing crop management program. Our products have synergistic effects when combined with other crop care inputs. As a result, Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural products produce targeted beneficial responses in plants, and enhance the benefits of other crop inputs as well.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take customer satisfaction seriously. We have a robust quality assurance directive that enables us to address any customer concerns in a prompt and efficient manner.

Acadian Plant Health™’s comprehensive, audited quality assurance program ensures that our agricultural products consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our strict standards of excellence are enforced at every step of the operation by our highly skilled Quality Assurance team, which is comprised of biologists, chemists, and aquaculture specialists. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our customers consistently receive top quality agricultural products.

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