At the heart of our success is a passion for advancing plant science with agriculture technology and innovation. For over 35 years, the focus of our research efforts has been to consistently provide environmentally responsible, cost-effective and easy-to-use crop care solutions. A deep understanding of the benefits of our agricultural products enables us to ensure optimal product performance and return on investment for our customers.

Robust Fundamental Research Program

Acadian Seaplants Limited, the parent company of Acadian Plant Health™, founded its world-leading Dr. James S. Craigie Research & Development Center, named for one of the world’s leading marine plant scientists. This research facility features leading agriculture technologies and instrumentation, plant science laboratories, controlled growth chambers, greenhouses, and an experimental farm. In addition to Acadian’s own team of technical staff, including more than 12 full-time PhDs, we partner with the best private, university and government crop care scientists around the world.

Acadian Plant Health Innovation 

Research Partnerships

Our company has established a vast network of crop science research partners and collaborators. Our research team is continually making strides in understanding the modes-of-action and cause-effect relationships of our agricultural products. Partnerships with universities and government research organizations around the world are essential to developing and maintaining our comprehensive, plant science knowledge base.

Published Research

Acadian Plant Health™’s research has been published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals in an effort to build global understanding of the benefits of the use of marine plants in agriculture. Our ongoing commitment to research helps our valued customers remain confident in our product efficacy, as our published work gets verified by credible scientists from around the world. To view the abstracts of our published research, please visit our Publications page.

Dedication to Rigorous Field Testing

Acadian Plant Health™’s drive for innovation in agriculture comes from employing in-market agronomists, Market Development Scientists and technical Key Account Managers in nine countries. These specialized crop care professionals continually interact with in-market scientists, agronomists, dealers, and growers to share technical expertise. We conduct hundreds of field trials on a wide variety of crops that enable us to show growers that our agricultural products work in their growing conditions. From these trials, we also learn how to adapt product-use recommendations for a large number of growing conditions.

Innovation in the Field

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Years of research, development and engineering have gone into the design and implementation of a highly efficient and proprietary manufacturing process. This process, which meets strict standards of excellence, ensures bioactive compounds that are already present in our fresh raw material are extracted in their most pure and active state. The procedures used throughout this process not only liberate bioactive compounds, but also produce new compounds making Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural products especially unique. Our innovation in agricultural results in a range of crop care solutions that produce targeted benefits in plants.

Consistent Products Produce Consistent Results

Acadian Plant Health NMP ProfileGrowers need to know that the crop care products they use on their plants are going to deliver superior performance on every application, year after year. Partnering with the National Research Council of Canada, Acadian Plant Health™ has identified a ‘biochemical fingerprint’ for its agricultural products by using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. This fingerprint allows us to easily distinguish our products from others and prove that they are chemically unique.

Being the first and only in its industry to conduct this type of plant science research, Acadian Plant Health™ can demonstrate the remarkable consistency of its products by matching every batch to the original biochemical fingerprint. This world-leading research enables us to prove that we deliver consistent agricultural products from batch to batch and, most importantly, consistent results in the field.

Leading the Development of an Industry Segment

Acadian Plant Health™ is focusing on innovation in agriculture at home and abroad by helping to lobby regulatory bodies around the world to establish new crop care product categories. Through its parent company Acadian Seaplants, Acadian Plant Health™ is actively participating in the effort to advance the growth of the global biostimulant industry. It is a contributing member of several associations, such as the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) in Europe and the Biostimulant Coalition in the United States, that work with industry regulators to define and establish a category for biostimulant agricultural products. As this work continues and new research uncovers additional plant benefits attributed to biostimulant products, their use will increase considerably.

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