At Acadian Plant Health™, it’s not only about sustainable agriculture, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe it is possible to improve crop production and management, while respecting the environment and society. Acadian Plant Health™ is dedicated to promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability in order advance crop production and plant protection science in a responsible way.

Environmental Sustainability

Responsible Harvest of Our Raw Material

Sustainable Raw Material HarvestAcadian Plant Health™’s sustainable agriculture solutions are derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, the most researched marine plant in the world that grows exclusively in the North Atlantic Ocean. We carefully oversee every step of the harvest of this crop care raw material to ensure a healthy habitat for the animals and other marine plants. Raw material for our agricultural products is gathered using harvesting tools that are gentle on the ecosystem and allow for quick regrowth of the resource. Harvesting less than 25% of the allowed quota, our world-leading resource management system has led to a seaweed stock that is more plentiful and healthy today than it was thirty years ago.

Efficient Manufacturing Process

Acadian Plant Health™ agriculture products are eco-friendly and eco-efficient. They are manufactured with a commitment to improve energy efficiency and waste reduction at all stages of production, and 100% of the valuable raw material is used throughout the process. Rather than throwing out what little material is leftover, it is spread out over the lands surrounding the manufacturing facility. As the insoluble material is of organic origin, it decomposes over time, providing a fertility boost to the soil. Acadian Plant Health™’s agriculture products manufacturing facility has thorough recycling and composting programs, and it is continuously evaluating new methods and technologies to further minimize its ecological footprint.

Environmentally Friendly Crop Care Solutions

Acadian Plant Health™ prides itself on providing farmers with safe and natural agricultural products that help optimize their crop’s production. Made of ingredients that are harmless to plants, animals and even people, Acadian’s crop care products generally do not cause chemical interactions with other crop inputs and are compatible with most other agricultural products. For consumers of those crops, Acadian Plant Health™ solutions promote food safety as they can decrease a farmer’s need to use harsher crop protection inputs that leave harmful residues on foods.

Organic Agricultural Products Available

Acadian Plant Health™ strives to meet the needs of all growers and has many sustainable farming products that are compliant with organic standards. We have crop care products that meet the requirements set by the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (NOP) and the European Union Regulation (834/2007 and 889/2008). Major certifiers worldwide have deemed many Acadian products compliant in organic agriculture including OMRI and Kiwa BCS. Contact us to find out more about our organic agricultural products.

Environmental Awards

Acadian Seaplants, the parent company of Acadian Plant Health™, received the following awards related to its environmental stewardship:

  • Eco-efficiency Award for Environmental Excellence: Awarded by Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, this award recognized the company’s commitment to innovation while improving its environmental performance.
  • Nova Scotia Environmental Award for Industry: Awarded by the Government of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, this award recognized the company’s dedication to showing its industry colleagues the benefits of caring for the environment.

Social Sustainability

Volunteering and corporate giving are time-honored traditions at Acadian Seaplants and Acadian Plant Health™. In order for our company – and all companies – to have a thriving future, we need to take care of one another and make sure that our population grows stronger in the years to come. We have recently supported many charities, business organizations and societies with mandates to improve the lives of vulnerable people throughout the world by focusing on areas that include health, disaster relief, education, poverty and famine.

Economic Sustainability

Acadian Plant Health™ is dedicated to furthering the prosperity of its partners. We know that our future depends on satisfied repeat customers, and our mission is to provide them with agriculture products that help strengthen and grow their businesses. With a long-term commitment to protecting the environment and offering effective crop care tools to help farmers feed the world, our customers can rest assured that we will be there with them every step of the way.

To ensure that we ultimately facilitate viable, economic growth for our company and our partners, we are proud to offer an innovative portfolio of natural crop care solutions that ensure long-term benefits. The agricultural products found within this portfolio strengthen the offerings of our partners and are used to enhance their existing crop production and management programs.

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