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Acadian Plant Health™ offers innovative, natural crop care solutions that improve plant heath, growth and development while supporting sustainable farming. Our world-leading crop science research and our proprietary extracts, derived from Ascophyllum nodosum marine plants, comprise the foundation of Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural products. These crop care products offer farmers sustainable solutions for addressing today’s agricultural challenges.

A Division of Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited

Acadian Seaplants Limited corporate brand story video.

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Acadian Plant Health™ is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited. Acadian Seaplants, a family-owned, multi-national Canadian business, is the largest independent marine plant harvesting, cultivation and extraction company in the world. Founded in 1981, Acadian Seaplants established the seaweed industry in Canada and today, the company is a vertically-integrated, bio-tech manufacturer of premium agricultural solutions, unique cultivated sea-vegetables and functional ingredients derived from select species of marine plants. It exports quality products for plants, animals, and people to over 80 countries around the world. For more information on Acadian Seaplants, please visit www.acadianseaplants.com.

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Acadian Plant Health Mission
Acadian Plant Health™ Mission

"To provide proven plant health solutions that increase crop productivity, while respecting the environment and society."

Our mission is what we’re all about. At Acadian Plant Health™, we live to help farmers succeed. We focus on understanding and addressing farmers’ needs and challenges so that we can help them grow stronger, more productive crops. And, we do all this in a sustainable, responsible way, without harming our planet or its people.

Acadian Plant Health Vision
Acadian Plant Health™ Vision

"To empower growers and their crops to sustainably feed the world today and in the future.”

Our vision sums up who we aspire to be. At Acadian Plant Health™, we want to help farmers accomplish their goal of feeding a rapidly growing population. We know that we have a responsibility to help farmers accomplish this goal – while protecting the environment – so that we can ensure that, even far in the future, this goal remains attainable. With this in mind, we will focus on making responsible choices when it comes to all of our business activities.

Acadian Plant Health™ Brand Pillars

The following four focus areas represent the foundation on which the Acadian Plant Health™ brand is built.

Acadian Plant Health Innovation  INNOVATION: Our world-leading scientific teams have an inspired commitment to research and development.
 Acadian Plant Health Sustainability SUSTAINABILITY: Our dedication to maximizing customer profitability, while protecting our planet and its people, is a core value.
 Acadian Plant Health Grower Partner Focus GROWER & PARTNER FOCUS: Our commitment to understanding each customer’s unique needs, achieves win-win partnerships.
 Acadian Plant Health People OUR PEOPLE: Our priority in taking great care of our employees ensures they take great care of our customers.