Nutrient Uptake

Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural solutions will supercharge nutrient uptake in plants. Our products help growers make the best possible use of available plant essential nutrients. This is true in adequate soil fertility situations as well as in reduced fertility situations. There are multiple mechanisms involved in improving nutrient uptake in plants and Acadian agricultural products help trigger several leading to healthier plants and improvement in crop yields.

Use Acadian Plant Health™ biostimulant crop care products to help root uptake and absorption of the following plant essential nutrients:

  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Boron
  • Copper

Scientifically Proven, Field-Tested Solutions


BLUEBERRY FIELD TRIAL ‘San Joaquin and Abundance’
California, United States

In this blueberry trial, applications of an Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural product led to increased levels of zinc, boron, iron and manganese in treated plots. In this trial, both control plots and treated plots were exposed to the same soil and fertility programs, but plots in which Acadian applications were made had healthier plants with higher levels of key nutrients in leaf tissues.


University of Maryland, United States

In this watermelon trial, applications of an Acadian product led to an improvement in crop yields, under both standard fertility and reduced nitrogen programs. These results suggest that, when a reduced nitrogen program is used, applications of an Acadian agricultural product may help recover potential losses in crop yield.

Note: The standard fertility program included nitrogen at a rate of 150 lbs/acre (168 kg/ha), while the reduced nitrogen program included nitrogen at a rate of 100 lbs/acre (112 kg/ha). The plot size was 4 rows of 30.5 meters x 1.8 meters (100 feet x 6 feet).


LETTUCE FIELD TRIALS ‘Multiple varieties’
Multiple locations, United States

In these lettuce trials, applications of an Acadian agricultural product led to an improvement in crop yields, under both standard fertility and reduced nitrogen programs.

Note: Different letters indicate statistically significant differences between treatments. (LSD, p=.0035)

The pictures above were taken during one of these trials. Each box contains the same number of lettuce heads and it is evident that, when an Acadian product was added to a standard crop fertility program, lettuce heads were bigger and more developed at harvest time.


North Carolina and Wisconsin, United States

Corn Yield

These corn trials support the idea that Acadian agricultural products help your crop make the best possible use of available nitrogen. Not only have we seen this on corn and watermelon, but we have also seen this across a wide range of other crops including lettuce, cucurbits, onion and fruiting vegetables.

Making the best use of available nitrogen is important, regardless of a farmer’s fertility practices. If nitrogen is abundant, it is important that the nitrogen is taken up into the plant, contributing to high yields, and not leaching. If nitrogen fertility is low, it is extremely important that the crop makes the best possible use of what is available. Use Acadian products to ensure that available nitrogen is optimized and your crop’s production is at its best.

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General Application Guidelines

Nutrient absorption is important throughout all stages of a plant’s development. In the early stages, it helps with crop establishment while in the later stages, it helps prevent nutrient deficiencies and provides plant tissues with the nourishment they need for growth and development. Make applications – either foliar or soil applied – at the recommended rates and timings listed on Acadian Plant Health™ product labels. For nutrient uptake benefits, regular applications are recommended so that plants can optimize the use of nutrients during their entire life cycle. Acadian products mix well with fertility products to create your own synergistic mix.

How Does Acadian Plant Health™ Help with Nutrient Uptake?

Acadian Plant Health™ crop care solutions help make the best possible use of nutrients and in doing so, promotes improvement in crop yields and quality. Acadian agricultural products contain complex bioactive compounds that make it easier for plants to absorb and make use of essential nutrients.

  • They contain alginic acid (a complex carbohydrate) that bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant. It also serves as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • They contain mannitol (a sugar alcohol) that also bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant.
  • They contain organic acids that feed beneficial microbes in the soil that help deliver nutrients to plant roots.