Sea Beyond

Performance and sustainability, together like never before

The need for sustainable crop performance has grown & so have we

We are a biostimulant company with unique expertise in the biostimulant, crop protection & fertilizer industries. This means that we have the science, research, facilities, and, most importantly, the people, to formulate the best of our biostimulant technology to provide high value, crop productivity technology. 

The performance you want

Powerful, unique formula with the richest concentration of bioactive compounds on the market 

Comprehensive novel solutions & compounds for today’s evolving agricultural needs 

Enhanced abiotic stress management & plant recovery in harsh growing conditions 

The sustainability you need

Supports Regenerative Ag – our products are proven to improve beneficial microbial populations in soil, crop yield & quality 

CO2 (greenhouse gas) mitigation – every ton of seaweed we harvest has absorbed 362 kg of CO2 and pulls 4.18 kg of nitrogen and 0.26 kg of phosphorus out of the ocean for a healthier marine ecosystem

Seaweed is a regenerative resource – a sustainable supply without removing the planet’s precious resources

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