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Biostimulants are a crucial and innovative tool in agriculture with active ingredients that trigger the plant’s physiological processes to help increase stress tolerance against climatic changes and improve soil health.

By naturally turning on a plants gene response we are able to provide protection for the natural potential of the crop. This innovative technology can help address some of humanity’s greatest challenges so that we can all enjoy a more sustainable future.

Our Technology

Our products are part of a virtuous regenerative cycle.

  • Aids in regenerative agriculture – our products are proven to improve soil health through greater carbon and nutrient cycling, increased beneficial microbial populations in soil, and enhanced soil water holding capacity

  • Supports climate-smart agriculture – every ton of seaweed we harvest has absorbed 362 kg of CO2 and pulls 4.18 kg of nitrogen and 0.26 kg of phosphorus out of the ocean for a healthier marine ecosystem

  • Utilizes seaweed, a regenerative resource – a sustainable supply without removing the planet’s precious resources

  • Encourages Carbon cycling – our seaweed captures atmospheric carbon, which is then processed to extract the natural bioactive compounds to apply to the crop. Once applied the plant and root biomass increases, increasing soil organic carbon, which in turn creates a healthier plant that is increasing photosynthetic potential. Another drawdown of atmospheric carbon

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BioSwitch™ Technology by Acadian Plant Health

BioSwitch™ is an advanced technology used to create innovative plant health solutions. It enhances plants by triggering natural processes and active compound production that stimulates plant growth, improves soil health, and protects against environmental stressors.

When you see the BioSwitch™ logo, you know you’re getting the world’s leading seaweed-based biostimulants with unparalleled performance and quality.

How BioSwitch™ Works

The extraction process we use in BioSwitch products is an alkaline extraction that maximizes extraction of compounds and creates actives from the seaweed so they are kept in their most pure and active state. This proprietary extraction is shown to have superior flowability and is a homogenous soluble liquid.

With BioSwitch-activated biostimulants, plants have an increased expression of stress response genes. In fact, evidence suggests that Acadian Ascophyllum extract can modify the endogenous levels and activity of metabolites within the plant via stimulation of natural plant processes.

Gene Activation

  •  Increased expression of stress response genes
  • Production of osmolytes and proline that helps plants acclimate and adapt to stress

Cellular Response

  • Reduced damage by protecting plant proteins & plant cell integrity
  • Increased antioxidant production under stress
  • Reduced transpiration (water loss)
  • Enhanced stomatal regulation

Morphological Response

  • Stimulates root initiation, elongation, and branching
  • Quicker plant recovery and maintain productive growth

BioSwitch represents the world’s leading Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed-based biostimulants

BioSwitch activated biostimulants offer a unique and consistent biochemical composition that delivers the highest concertation of stress-mitigating biomarkers on the market.

  • BioSwitch activated biostimulants provides our partners with consistent and market leading bioactive compounds to help protect crops from abiotic stressors, such as drought, extreme heat, cold, salinity

  • BioSwitch activated biostimulants play a key role in regenerative agriculture by boosting soil health and plant resilience, in turn helping crops stand up to weather variability

  • BioSwitch activated biostimulants reduce water loss within plants, while utilizing mannitol to protect plant cells in times of water-related stresses 

  • BioSwitch activated biostimulants stimulate root initiation, allowing for elongated and branching root systems, maintaining productive growth and quickening plant recovery in the face of stress 

  • BioSwitch activated biostimulants utilize betaines to help plants adjust water levels, salt, and other substances within cells to better mitigate abiotic stress and protect chlorophyl

  • Through the production of osmolytes, including proline, BioSwitch activated biostimulants help plants acclimate and adapt to stress   

  • With BioSwitch we are able to extract alginic acid which helps chelate nutrients, making them more available to plants, and serves as a food source for beneficial soil microbes

  • In BioSwitch organic acids help plants produce energy and encourage production of new compounds, boosting plant production

  • Mannitol, also found in BioSwitch products, protects and adjusts the amount of water in plant cells in times of water-related stresses

  • Fucose-containing polysaccharides increase antioxidant levels and help protect plants from stress in general

The BioSwitch™ Technology Advantage

What makes this technology so valuable to plants? Acadian biostimulants work with plants’ internal systems to deliver improved plant health.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced damage to plant cells​
  • Increased growth during stress​
  • Increased expression of stress ​response genes​
  • Increased antioxidant production ​under stress​
  • Stimulates root initiation, elongation and branching
  • Increased antioxidant production, cell membrane stability, phenolic and flavonoid compounds
  • Increase in levels of compatibly osmolytes
  • Ability to maintain water status during osmotic stress (helps with cooling and transport of nutrients)
  • Helps with nutrient uptake efficiency

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