Soil Degradation

The State of Our Soil

40 %

According to the United Nations, up to 40% of soil is now degraded, impacting the world’s ability to feed a growing population.

90 %

Recently the FAO stated that 90% of earth’s precious topsoil could be at risk by 2050.

A plant sprouting in soil

What does this mean?

Degraded land has been depleted of natural resources, soil fertility, water, biodiversity, trees or native vegetation. People often think of degraded land as arid desert, but it also includes “green” areas that have been intensely farmed.

Restoring degraded land will depend on changing farming methods to shift to regenerative agriculture methods. Regenerative agriculture’s highest priority is to protect the soil as a habitat for a rich ecosystem of microorganisms and a storage sink for carbon. Implementing regenerative agriculture methods yields benefits for growers, consumers, the environment, and the world.

Adding Acadian biostimulants can complement solutions to crop care inputs and be part of a solution for regenerative agriculture methods.

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