Our products are part of an integrated crop management approach that complements biostimulant, crop protection and fertilizer products. Acadian extracts are scientifically proven to enhance both plants’ resiliency to environmental stressors and overall health. Both of which are essential to protecting and improving crop yield and quality.

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Dr. Sarah Maude
Vice President, Technology at Acadian Plant Health

Powerful, unique formula with the richest concentration of bioactive compounds on the market

APH extracts have a unique and consistent biochemical composition, with the highest concentration of stress-mitigating compounds. 

  • An icon that looks like microscopic cells, representing organic acids that help plants produce energy and encourage the production of new compounds.

    Organic acids help plants produce energy and encourage the production of new compounds, boosting plant production

  • An icon that looks like microscopic cells, representing oligosaccharides which elicits plant abiotic defense mechanisms to help keep plants healthy.

    Oligosaccharides elicit plant abiotic defense mechanisms to help keep plants healthy

  • An icon that looks like an hourglass,  representing how betaines help plants adjust water levels, salt and other substances within cells.

    Betaines help plants adjust water levels, salt and other substances within cells, help protect chlorophyll and better mitigate abiotic stress

  • An icon that looks like a cell strand, representing Mannitol, which protects and adjusts the amount of water in plant cells in times of water-related stresses.

    Mannitol protects and adjusts the amount of water in plant cells in times of water-related stresses

  • An icon that looks like microscopic cells, representing Alginic acid which helps chelate nutrients, making them more available to plants.

    Alginic acid helps chelate nutrients, making them more available to plants, and serves as a food source for beneficial soil microbes

  • An icon representing Fucose containing polysaccharides which increase antioxidant levels and help protect plants from stress.

    Fucose containing polysaccharides increase antioxidant levels and help protect plants from stress in general

Two line graphs that show the peak performance of mannitol, alginates, and fucoidans in their alkaline extraction process for Acadian Plant Health compared to a flatlining competitor product.

Comprehensive novel solutions & compounds for today’s evolving agricultural needs

Our proprietary alkaline extraction process allows us to liberate more pure and active compounds vs. our competitors, so more of their natural strength is maintained, improving the strength of the plant. 

Seaweed extracts’ biochemical composition is complex, so understanding their mechanism of action is intricate. Partnering with the National Research Council of Canada, we have identified a ‘biochemical fingerprint’ for our products using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology. This fingerprint shows that our products are biochemically unique and consistent in quality.

Line graphs are depicted to show the ‘biochemical fingerprint’ for Acadian Plant Health products using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology.
An image of a plant showing examples of stress from drought, heat, salt, and cold noted across its structure.

Enhanced abiotic stress management and plant recovery in harsh growing conditions

Climate change and its compounding weather events are testing the agriculture industry’s resilience and capacity to respond and adapt. APH seaweed extracts can help your crops to survive and thrive. Our research results show consistently improved crop resiliency in the face of stressors like drought, heat, cold, salinity and nutrient deficiencies.

Small green plants are shown sprouting through the soil, with their roots planted deep within the soil below.

Improved nutrient uptake & use for increased productivity

Our extracts help plants to take in the nutrients they need more efficiently. Our extracts’ bioactive compounds help the plant to attract and absorb nutrients in the soil through chelation and even help plants to use fertilizer more effectively since more of it ends up in the plant. This all results in enhanced growth, fueled by a suite of genes that are responsible for growth, metabolism and stress response under limited nutrient conditions.

Better water uptake and use

The unique compounds found in our extracts are scientifically proven to help plants in water stress situations. Essentially, they help “prime” plants to utilize their natural defense systems faster and more effectively, so they can maintain productivity and water balance in tough growing conditions like extreme heat and drought.

A water-stressed field is shown with dry cracked dirt, green plants still growing due to their strong defense systems.
A scientist holds a small plant with its root system exposed. They are manipulating the soil and adding components in with a metal tool.

Improved crop quality & more vigorous healthy plants

Our Ascophyllum nodosum extracts modify the physiological processes in plants that enable them to effectively mitigate abiotic stress. Results include improved root growth and plant establishment, increased nutrient uptake, environmental stress resistance and enhanced quality and yield.

Optimized formulations proven to provide commercially viable solutions

We implement Crop Protection Product (CPP) excellence standards into all stages of our process and operations, which includes an integrated commercial and research team, extensive experience with replicated field trials, peer-reviewed research, as well as in-house expertise in crop protection and synthetic chemicals. This allows us to work with our partners to identify potential product candidates, with the best chance of attaining commercial viability.

Clear small jars are shown containing water, and a small plant with its roots growing within the water.
An orange tractor drives across a rowed field spraying a product onto small plants that are sprouting. The sky is cloudy and blue.

Complementary to biological and chemical agricultural products

Biostimulants are the new technology we need to protect against rising abiotic stressors caused by climate change and help protect yield and quality in a volatile environment.

Our products are proven to work synergistically with other crop inputs, delivering the long-term benefits of regenerative agricultural practices, while advancing sustainability and protecting productivity for a strong return-on-investment (ROI) for the grower.

Efficacy proven in field trials, labs & greenhouses

We conduct extensive field, greenhouse and laboratory trials on a wide variety of crops, growing conditions, and environmental challenges. We’ve proven our products’ efficacy in thousands of company-funded and co-operative field trials around the world. Our team of specialists, including agronomists and scientists, enables us to design best-use, targeted recommendations.

Small green plants are sprouting up from clear jars filled with water in a scientific lab. The water is murky orange in some jars, and clear in others.
A scientist examines green plants laying on a table and their soil. The plants are laid down on the table between two pieces of brown material.

Rigorous testing protocols to ensure crop performance and formulation consistency

Our comprehensive, frequently audited Quality Assurance (QA) program ensures our products consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Our QA team, comprised of biologists, chemists and aquaculture specialists, enforces strict standards of excellence at every step of the operation. From harvesting to final delivery, this commitment ensures our customers receive top quality products.

Robust R&D team and facilities

Our industry-leading biostimulant R&D offers a pipeline of products and formulations to advance regenerative agriculture:

  • Extensive global research capabilities, facilities, formulations & networks
  • World class Technology Excellence Centres: the Craigie R&D Centre for Innovation in Canada and the Formulation Centre of Excellence in the UK
  • Since every grower faces different challenges, we offer tailored solutions to help improve crop survivability and productivity
  • We partner with the world’s best private, university and government scientists to provide credible research and support through our Acadian Open Academy
  • Our research is published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • We develop novel and proprietary formulations for global business partners
A scientist reviews a computer screen in a laboratory. He is wearing a white lab coat and protective glasses.

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