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We’re pioneering new possibilities with biostimulants that will benefit both plant and planet. 

We are a biostimulant company with unique expertise in the biostimulant, crop protection & fertilizer industries. This means that we have the science, research, facilities, and, most importantly, the people, to formulate the best of our biostimulant technology to provide sustainable tools in crop survivability and productivity technology.

  • Sustainability


Acadian extracts are scientifically proven to enhance plant health and protection. Our products work by improving the plant's physiological processes, which benefits both plants’ resiliency to environmental stressors and overall health. Their application offers a comprehensive approach to improving crop performance by mitigating challenges faced in modern agriculture. 

  • Powerful, unique formula with the richest concentration of bioactive compounds on the market
  • Comprehensive novel solutions & compounds for today’s evolving agricultural needs
  • Enhanced abiotic stress management & plant recovery in harsh growing conditions
  • Improved nutrient efficiency for increased crop productivity 
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Regenerative Agriculture

Acadian’s biostimulants contribute significantly to regenerative agriculture by improving nutrient dynamics, enhancing soil health, repairing biodiversity, and promoting a more sustainable carbon cycle. Some of the benefits of Acadian’s Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed biostimulants have been shown to: 

  • Improve resistance to environmental stresses (ie drought, heat, salinity, etc) 
  • Improve soil health  
  • Increase nutrient uptake 
  • Repair biodiversity 
  • Protect overall crop yield and quality 
  • Improve photosynthetic capacity under stress conditions 
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Climate-Smart Agriculture 

Acadian’s biostimulants contain bioactive substances that can help plants cope with environmental stressors, promoting resilience and ensuring sustained productivity under challenging conditions. They play a crucial role in climate-smart agriculture and have a multifaceted approach by promoting sustainable and resilient crop production and reducing the environmental footprint of conventional farming practices. Our biostimulants have been shown to: 

  • Create adaptability to climate variability 
  • Increase water use efficiency 
  • Improve carbon cycling 
  • Increases soil organic carbon
  • Enhance fertilizer efficiency 
  • Improve soil health 
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A Better Crop Today A Better World Tomorrow

We're so excited to grow both with you.

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