More frequent episodes of extreme heat, increased drought conditions, as well as more frequent flooding will add even more damage to crops worldwide. Increasingly unfavourable growing conditions have contributed to farmers losing between 30-70% of their harvest potential. Climate change is resulting in crop losses. In fact, a recent Farmer’s Voice survey sites 71% of farmers saying that climate change already has a large impact on their farm, and even more are worried about the impact this will have in the future.

Despite challenging growing conditions, we see a bright future in farming.

We see unprecedented potential in generating value for farmers and nature with our agricultural innovations.

Our Sustainability Story

Biostimulants are a crucial and innovative tool in agriculture with active ingredients that trigger natural plant responses and work on crops' physiological processes to help plants gain stress tolerance against climatic changes and improve nutrient use efficiency. 

By naturally turning on a plant's gene response we can provide true crop protection for the natural potential of the crop. These innovative products can help address some of humanity’s greatest challenges so that we can all enjoy a more sustainable future.

A close up image of green seaweed strands in a bunch.

Our technology contributes to:

  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Climate-smart agriculture
  • Keeping our wild seaweed a regenerative resource
  • Carbon cycling

Our products are part of a virtuous regenerative cycle.

Securing Future Supply

We have a dedicated research and regulatory team to ensure we’re operating in an environmentally sound business model. This includes our tools and techniques, as well as where and how often we harvest Ascophyllum nodosum. Our team includes specialists with PhDs, and their job is to monitor the growth and ecology of the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed beds, with a focus on ensuring we keep this valuable resource. Because of this we are granted long-term governmental licenses, which allows us to ensure security of supply globally.

We responsibly harvest less than 25% of the seaweed biomass, using tools that are gentle on the ecosystem and allow for quick regrowth of the resource. After decades of harvesting, we’re able to determine the impact on the biomass and height of the seaweed.

Our research shows no significant decrease in biomass and in some cases the biomass even increased! We’re proud to say that our world-leading resource management system has led to a seaweed stock that is both plentiful and healthy.

A researcher responsibly and gently harvests seaweed. He is standing in a small blue boat in the water and the rocky misty shore can be seen close by in the background.

A Better Crop Today A Better World Tomorrow

We're so excited to grow both with you.

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