Our Expertise

We know our product well, and even better, we know conventional crop protection products and fertilizers well too. This allows us to work closely with biostimulant, crop protection and fertilizer companies to develop tailor-made solutions that unite the best of Ascophyllum nodosum with the best of your products.

Our team is ready to help support you in creating formulated prototypes, testing formulations, stability, shelf life, and viability of your product. We can help you bring your biological agriculture solutions to market.

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Our People

At Acadian Plant Health, our innovative agriculture solutions begin with our people. We want our employees to feel supported and engaged, with staff who feel more engaged, we can provide better service and support to our customers.

Our parent company, Acadian Seaplants, has developed initiatives in an effort to increase levels of employee engagement. The company has Wellness Committees at each of their locations to help ensure that employees needs are being addressed. The company also offers an Employee Assistance program offering support and counseling to employees and their families, for work, life and health issues.

Our seed to table focus on improving sustainable farming is achievable when employees feel like they are growing. Acadian Plant Health™ provides training and career advancement opportunities and fosters a dynamic environment of teamwork and collaboration. We work together in advancing the crop production and management industry with innovation in agricultural products.

Diverse Workforce & International Presence

With employees across the globe, Acadian Plant Health’s diverse workforce is committed to providing exceptional crop care solutions and customer service at all levels of the organization. We encourage employees to share and learn from one another. We know that our differences make us stronger and with people working here from a variety of different backgrounds, we have unlimited options when it comes to advancing crop production and management products from seed to table. With plans to keep expanding our international presence, we’re always looking for individuals to join our team and help us develop new markets.

Career Opportunities
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We're so excited to grow both with you.

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