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At Acadian, we work every day to put our knowledge and skills to work by advancing novel ingredients such as our Ascophyllum nodosum formulated products. We are a technology provider for regenerative agriculture and collaborate with strategic partners to bring new novel solutions to the agricultural industry.

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Crop Productivity Management

The core of our current portfolio, we use Ascophyllum nodosum to manufacture novel, proprietary products. Ascophyllum nodosum, the most highly researched marine plant, grows exclusively in the inter-tidal zone of the North Atlantic Ocean. This species of marine plant was specifically selected, as it is comprised of a complex array of bioactive compounds with stress-mitigating properties.

Our Ascophyllum nodosum formulated products modify the physiological processes in plants that enable them to effectively mitigate abiotic stress. Our products are part of an integrated crop management approach that complements fertilizer, plant genetics, and crop protection products. APH extracts are scientifically proven to enhance both plants’ tolerance to environmental stressors and overall health. Both of which are essential to protecting and improving yield.

Abiotic Stress Management

What happens when you Sea Beyond?

When you ‘Sea Beyond” human ingenuity drives innovation.  Sea Beyond means we are continuously innovating to provide agriculture with the best possible solutions to address crucial challenges facing the global food system today and in the future.

‘Sea Beyond’ means using the latest technological advances to engineer a new line of products that takes the best of Ascophyllum nodosum and adds the best of other natural ingredients to increase seaweed’s naturally resilient qualities. Helping plants protect themselves – even recover – from the threats of a changing world.

We’re excited to share this new line of technology under our Abiotic Stress Management (ASM) product line. Over the coming months, you can expect to find out more about these novel solutions.

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Custom Formulation

Collaborate with Acadian Plant Health™ to make proprietary formulations. Our proprietary extraction process of Ascophyllum nodosum produces a distinctive product that not only delivers in-field benefits but also adds to first-rate blendability. We can preserve the beneficial compounds in the raw material while also creating new unique active compounds.

Our technical ingredients are easy to use, are 100% water soluble in aqueous solutions and can be applied in any manner your customer chooses. The APH liquid extract formulations come ready to use by formulators. The dry powder technical ingredients are manufactured as a flake, which maximizes the surface area and solubility compared to some other soluble seaweed powder formulations manufactured as a fine powder. APH technical ingredients have reduced levels of insolubles compared to other seaweed-based formulation ingredients.

“APH technical ingredients have excellent compatibility with most inorganic plant nutrient soluble fertilizers and organic fertilizers.”

Expertise Matters

Our expertise in both productivity and sustainability is what makes us stand out from other biostimulant companies.

We are built to serve the crop protection, biostimulant, and fertilizer industries with our unique organizational structure of crop input professionals and scientists – who all understand the standards within these industries.

We know our product well, and even better, we know conventional crop protection products and fertilizer well too. Our unique expertise allows us to work closely with biostimulant, crop protection, and fertilizer companies to develop tailor-made solutions that unite the best of Ascophyllum nodosum with the best of your products.

Our team is ready to help support you in creating formulated prototypes, testing formulations, stability, shelf life, and viability of your product. We can help you bring your agricultural solutions to market (with novel patented technology).

Proprietary Formulation Benefits

  • Designed to meet your specifications and label claims, with a clear formulation design plan
  • Optimized to be compatible with your active ingredients and products, including fertilizers
  • Designed with optimized physical/chemical properties and robust storage stability
  • Fully validated prototype formulation delivery
  • Support with formulation pilot scale trials and full-scale production
  • Seed treatments to be compatible with and complementary to seed and soil microbe products
  • Technical support and training for formulations
  • APH product training for your staff and/or sponsored staff training in our internal & external Centres of Excellence
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