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Close-up of oranges on the tree in an orange grove.July 10, 2024 / Articles

Enhancing Citrus Growth: The Role of Acadian’s Biostimulant Technology in Combating HLB

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Rockweed (or ascophyllum nodosum seaweed) attached to the shoreline in Nova Scotia.June 3, 2024 / Articles

The Power of Seaweed: A Solution for Our Planet's Challenges

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A close-up image of healthy soil with an earthworm and green trees in the background.March 1, 2024 / Articles

Acadian Speaks to Canadian Senate Committee Regarding Soil Health

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A smoking, wounded globe that is hurting, covered in bandaids and gauze, words in the background include population growth, over consumption, fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial revolution.January 17, 2024 / Articles

Harnessing The Power Of Biostimulants: A Key To Climate-Smart Agriculture

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A dry cracked close up of the ground with sprigs of dry wheat growing out of it sporaticallyNovember 8, 2023 / Articles

Let’s Meet The Urgency Of Climate Change With A Climate Of Innovation In Agriculture

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A farmer in a checkered shirt and rubber boots squatting down in a dirt field, holding soil in his hand and letting it fall to the groundOctober 13, 2023 / Articles

Improving The Efficiency Of Fertilizer Could Save $1.1 Billion Annually In Fertilizer Cost

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A close up view of a vast green field of thriving plants in rows September 14, 2023 / Articles

The Growing Awareness Of Regenerative Agriculture Benefits Has Big Ag Leaning In

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Two hands in a handshake, overlayed on an image of a vast field. The hands are glowing, and the photo has a blue filter.July 25, 2023 / Articles

The Power Of Collaboration In Advancing Sustainability Means Actively Engaging In Partnerships With Industry Leaders And Innovators

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Farmer Examining SoilJuly 7, 2023 / Articles

Agriculture’s Most Enduring And Productive Partnership Is In Peril. Will We Rally To Do Something About It?

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