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Our Values

At Acadian Plant Health™, our innovative agriculture solutions begin with our people. We want our employees to feel supported and engaged, with staff who feel more engaged, we can provide better service and support to our customers.

Acadian Plant Health™’s parent company, Acadian Seaplants, has developed initiatives in an effort to increase levels of employee engagement. The company has Wellness Committees at each of their locations to help ensure that employees needs are being addressed. The company also offers an Employee Assistance program offering support and counseling to employees and their families, for work, life and health issues.

Sea Beyond embodies a focus on performance and sustainability that is based on values and behaviours that enable our company to fulfill our purpose of “uniting performance and sustainability for the future of global agriculture”.

Through bold ideas and unprecedented insights, we’re pioneering new possibilities with biostimulants that will benefit both plant and planet. Our Mission and Vision align with this passion which is the foundation of continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

Our Purpose

We unite performance & sustainability for the future of global agriculture.


Our Mission

We develop world-class, science-based biostimulant technologies to unite performance & sustainability for the benefit of plant and planet.

Our Vision

We are at the forefront of driving the biostimulant industry, closing the gap between biostimulant and conventional agriculture.

In addition, our values of Safety, Teamwork, and Value Creation are part of Acadian Plant Health’s guiding principles to ensure we act with integrity and courage while finding new ways to grow our company and each other.


We are safer together because we always put safety first and have a committed ‘Near Miss’ program.



We work for each other to achieve shared objectives for the company.

Value Creation

We accelerate the profitable growth of our company and our partners in all activities.

  • Safety calls for employees to be vigilant in creating a safe environment for all. We firmly believe that compliance protects each and every one of us worldwide and therefore place great importance on this value.
  • Teamwork ensures we maximize each of our strengths while driving innovative solutions for our partners. We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed.
  • Value creation is at the foundation of everything we do. Understanding market needs and developing solutions that contribute to transformational change is at the heart of our company. It is in that spirit that we collaborate with our partners to ensure they thrive by doing business with us. We work with partners who share our vision to see beyond the challenge.