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We’re Acadian Plant Health™
And we’re changing the biostimulant game


Acadian Plant Health (APH) is the largest independent marine plant harvesting, cultivation, and extraction company in the world. Acadian is an international leader in sustainable, science-based biological solutions for high-value as well as broad-acre crops. We are committed to launching patented innovative products, with a focus on sustainability and regenerative agriculture. 

Our focus is on providing the best seaweed extract products to our business partners. To achieve this, our customer service extends throughout the entire organization, with a highly specialized sales force, marketing team and research and development department all dedicated to providing partners with the innovative solutions they need.


APH Researcher views plants with thermal camera at facility in Cornwallis, NS, Canada.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how your plants defend themselves. Biostimulants allow plants to achieve a higher yield in situations where environmental conditions are not optimal.

APH biostimulants are a great agronomic tool, as they work with your plants’ internal systems to deliver the following modes of action:

  • Reduced damage to plant cells
  • Increased growth during stress
  • Ability to maintain water status during osmotic stress (which helps with cooling and transport of nutrients)
  • Increased cell membrane stability, phenolic and flavonoid compounds
  • Increase in levels of compatible osmolytes
  • Increased antioxidant production under stress
  • Increased expression of stress response genes

Acadian Plant Health offers innovative crop care solutions that improve plant vigour, growth and development while supporting sustainable farming. Our world-leading crop science research and our proprietary extracts, derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, comprise the foundation of the agricultural solutions offered by Acadian Plant Health. We deliver key functionality to meet agricultural needs worldwide in the areas of crop survivability and productivity.


Our expertise in both productivity and sustainability is what makes us stand out from other biostimulant companies. We are built to serve the crop protection, biostimulant, and fertilizer industries with our unique organizational structure of crop input professionals and scientists – who all understand the standards of the crop protection and fertilizer industry.

We know our product well, and even better, we know conventional crop protection products well too. This allows us to work closely with formulators and CP (Crop Protection) companies to develop tailor-made solutions that unite the best of Ascophyllum nodosum with the best of your products.

Our team is ready to help support you in creating formulated prototypes, testing formulations, stability, shelf life, and viability of your product. We can help you bring your biological agriculture solutions to market.

APH Researcher at work in the lab in our Cornwallis, NS facility.