3 Ways Acadian Plant Health Helps Bring About Adequate Biostimulant Regulation


Regulations mostly come from good intentions. Officials within the government, often at the prompting of concerned citizens or industry members, establish rules to prevent negative outcomes. Yet when those concerns aren’t guided by research or facts, regulations can do more harm than good. As countries around the world evaluate their stance on biostimulants, it’s important they make decisions based on the best information available.

At Acadian Plant Health, we extend our knowledge from over 30 years of trials and research to help government bodies and regulatory agencies foster sustainable agricultural practices. Here is how we are taking part in educating lawmakers on biostimulants and the way these products help growers optimize and efficiently manage their crops.

Industry Participation

We’ve always believed that we’re stronger together than we are apart. With that mindset, our Acadian Plant Health team has made it a point to collaborate with organizations that promote sustainability and responsible biostimulant use. Two organizations that have the greatest impact on biostimulant regulation are:

  • Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) – The extensive experience and knowledge of this organization help to resolve issues and educate policymakers about how growers can sustainably implement biological solutions in operations across North America.
  • Biostimulant Coalition – Founded in 2011, the first US industry alliance to focus on lobbying for appropriate recognition and regulation of plant biostimulants in the United States.
  • European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) – This EU organization is dedicated to promoting the responsible usage of plant biostimulants as a way of enhancing the sustainability of farming practices and the resiliency of European crops.

Sharing Research and Trials

We don’t believe that scientific discoveries should be kept under lock and key. In fact, we readily share the research and insight we’ve amassed over 30 years with government agencies, industry organizations, agricultural specialists and growers. A lot of our research results are in public domain. In addition, you can simply reach out to our team to get information on relevant trials and studies.

Attending and Speaking at Industry Events

Our team wants to spread the word about the benefits of using  agricultural biostimulants like our Acadian Plant Health solutions. Our own David Hiltz provided attendees of last year’s Biostimulant World Congress with insight into how they can identify and differentiate the various algal-based biostimulant products available in the global marketplace. During this and other events, we’ve made ourselves available to communicate the important role biostimulants play in the future of sustainable agriculture. And we intend to keep freely sharing our expertise and perspectives with the people who need them most.

Thinking of the Big Picture

With these practices, we are helping to educate regulators and the general public on the game-changing potential of seaweed-based biostimulants. Using that knowledge, we can ensure that growers have access to solutions that can enhance their crop yields, quality and resiliency.

Want to learn how you can impact biostimulant regulation? Reach out to our team and we will answer your questions!


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