Time for Action – Providing Sustainable Solutions to Help Growers Adapt to Climate Change

Who’d have thought a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden would make the most persuasive case for climate action. Yet here we are in 2019 with Greta Thunberg as our constant and vocal reminder that sustainability and eco-conscious decisions aren’t fringe concerns; they’re the responsibility of every person and business.

The agriculture industry is no exception. We see the impact of climate change every day – just ask the growers. Rising global temperatures, droughts, extreme weather events and other climate-related threats reduce yields and the quality of their crops. The choices growers make about the sustainability and eco-friendliness of their crop inputs have long-term implications that hurt or help them adapt to climate change.

For those, and plenty of other reasons, Acadian Plant Health™ keeps sustainability at the forefront of our business. In our upcoming series of blog posts, we’ll showcase the story of our environmental sustainability:

•   We’ll provide you with an insider’s look at our Resource Management Program, highlighting the ways our sustainable seaweed harvesting practices have actually increased the coastal Ascophyllum nodosum plant population.

•   We’ll showcase our eco-friendly seaweed manufacturing processes and the way solar-and-wind-powered drying methods fortify our products with rich nutrients and minerals.

•   We’ll dive into the ways our biostimulant solutions enhance farming operations, helping to boost the sustainability, nutrient uptake and quality of crops cultivated in increasingly unpredictable climate conditions worldwide.

•   We’ll outline the ways we’re sharing our scientific and sustainability expertise with industry associations and regulators to help in the development of regulations and policies that will benefit our ecosystems and communities.

Keep an eye out for our sustainability stories and learn how our products can positively impact your crops, your business and your community.

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