Seaweed-Based Biostimulant Products to Help Crop Vigour and Quality

There’s plenty of buzz in the agriculture world about biostimulants. Studies show that integrating our Ascophyllum nodosum-based crop inputs into standard crop care programs helps plants reach their full potential and can deliver visible benefits for both conventional and organic growers. Our seaweed extract biostimulants can maximize the efficiency of crop care programs, helping plants reach their full potential and possibly reducing the levels of synthetic inputs.

As a grower, you depend on the quality of your crop – its size, colour and firmness – to appeal to buyers. If the consumable part of your plants does not look as appealing as the picture-perfect produce in a grocer’s weekly ads, then you may not receive top market price for your crop. Biostimulants can help you achieve higher crop quality despite increasingly difficult growing conditions worldwide.

Our research has found that our seaweed extract biostimulants help plants remain resilient as they grow and develop, enhancing their vigour. The end result is a more appealing crop. For example, our trials have shown tomato skin thickness to increase by 13.4% over the control group, making it harder for pests to penetrate and extending shelf life of the produce. In apple trials, there was a 7% increase in the best colour category, making more of the fruit marketable.

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