How Our Sustainable Harvesting Contributes to Future Sustainable Harvests

Agriculture is a temperamental living. If sunlight, water or essential nutrients are in short supply, crops suffer and are not able to perform to their full potential. With changes in annual rainfall and average temperatures worldwide, growers are more reliant on agricultural inputs for their crop success. Yet the availability of some biostimulant products can be threatened – if their manufacturers neglect environmental sustainability and resource management.

That’s why we make the management of our seaweed supply a top priority. Here are the steps we take to protect our seaweed resources to ensure the availability of our seaweed-based solutions for our customers.

Our Resource Managers

Our Ascophyllum nodosum is wild harvested, but that doesn’t mean we leave the condition of our seaweed supply up to chance. Our Resource Managers oversee the harvesters to ensure future seaweed sustainability. Resource Managers work in close collaboration with our team of Resource Scientists who provide them with up-to-date information on the status of the seaweed stock. Our Resource Scientists use satellite technology and drones to get an aerial view of Ascophyllum nodosum abundance and couple that imagery with extensive field monitoring, to gain insight into the sustainable growth of coastal seaweed.

Having all that data at their fingertips helps Resource Managers guide harvesters to sites that are ready for harvest or pause the harvest at zones that need more time to regenerate. Through this careful management, we are increasing our natural supply of Ascophyllum nodosum. In the regions where we harvest, the biomass is healthier and more abundant than it was 30 years ago. Therefore, we can be sure to meet current and future demands for our crop care products.

Our Harvesters

Our harvesters play an equally important role in a sustainable farming future. Both their hands-on work and their sustainable practices help bring our solutions to growers. Using low-impact harvesting methods, they carefully separate seaweed from the holdfast, leaving enough biomass for healthy regrowth. The harvesting tools they use are especially designed to reduce the impact on the ecosystem and the marine animals that live there.

Our Company

Sustainability only works if it’s a mindset. Our company is sustainable from the top down. Our management works to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability. We encourage eco-friendly practices throughout Canada and the seaweed industry. Plus, we make a point to harvest less than 25% of our allowed quota to keep our essential resource available for the future.

What does that mean for your business? If you buy Acadian Plant Health™ products, you are investing in your future. You can trust us to put thought and care into our business decisions, maintaining a healthy, nutrient-rich Ascophyllum nodosum population to benefit crops worldwide.

If you are ready to improve your nutrient uptake, abiotic stress management and crop quality with sustainable biostimulants, reach out to Acadian Plant Health™ to learn the right solution for you.

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