Hangzhou – July 11, 2017: Acadian Plant Health™ (APH™), a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL), announces new partnerships, greater in-field support and the launch of its biostimulants and Acadian BioSwitch™ technology in the Chinese market. This launch furthers the company’s commitment to providing proven grower solutions within the agricultural industry in China, expanding the distributor base and increasing the support available to growers. By offering a range of premium APH™ products for maximizing crop yields, focusing on innovation, sustainability, grower and partner relationships and its people, APH™ empowers growers and their crops to sustainably feed the world today and in the future.

APH™ will be launching several biostimulants in China including Toggle™, Ascomax™ and Stimplex®. These launches will coincide with the introduction of Acadian BioSwitch™ technology to the Chinese market. Designed for modern agriculture, Acadian BioSwitch™ is an advanced technology used to create innovative, sustainable plant health solutions and to power APH™ products. Acadian BioSwitch™ technology enhances natural processes within plants by switching on gene expression and production of active compounds that stimulate plant growth and protect against environmental stresses.

“For 35 years, we have been listening to the challenges that farmers are facing in growing their crops,” said President and CEO of ASL, Jean-Paul Deveau. “A key differentiating factor of Acadian BioSwitch™ technology is that it has a strong foundation of research and science; it’s supported by researchers from around the world and it’s a proven technology that works where it matters most – in the field.”

“The launch of this new technology will lay the foundation for our long-term growth strategy. A ‘seal of quality’, representing the technology, has been developed. Going forward, all crop inputs that that are based on this technology will bear the seal so that growers can easily identify products powered by Acadian BioSwitch™ technology,” said President of APH™, Roger Tripathi. “Since Acadian BioSwitch™ is the ‘trigger technology’ – the system responsible for stimulating certain plant growth mechanisms – behind several trusted APH™ brands, growers can rest assured that all our products will provide the same superior performance with every application, year after year.”

Jean-Paul Deveau, CEO & President, Acadian Seaplants Limited said, “Growing clean and green crops using environmentally sustainable technologies has been driving the sale of agricultural biostimulants at a fast pace all over the world. In the Chinese market, most of the biostimulants are ‘me-too’ products, not necessarily made with Ascophyllum nodosum, the most researched and acclaimed seaweed species for agricultural purposes used by APH™. Therefore, an eco-friendly, high-quality product like Ascomax™, holds enormous promise in our Chinese agricultural market for increasing the yield, quality and farmers’ return on investment in a sustainable way.”

Acadian Plant Health™ is the world leader in biostimulant and bionutritional solutions that are scientifically proven to increase crop yields. Acadian Plant Health™ is dedicated to sustainability and maximizing crop yields while protecting the environment. Acadian’s products optimize plant performance from seed to table by improving plant establishment, nutrition and stress management. Acadian Plant Health™ is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited. Acadian’s agricultural products include Acadian®, Stimplex®, Stella Maris®, Ascomax™ and Toggle® that are used as soil and foliar inputs on over 70 crops in more than 80 countries.

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