September 10, 2020. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Acadian Plant Health launches the Acadian Open Academy, a global network of experts to collaborate on the development of a portfolio of complete solutions for crop abiotic stress management.

Adverse environmental conditions, such as drought, flood, heat and other stresses, affect food quality and crop yield more than pests and diseases, impacting global food security.  Weather events are becoming more unpredictable making agronomic decisions very challenging.  Through a new innovation engine, Acadian Plant Health will provide the grower with a complete toolbox to reduce the uncertainty of crop productivity in today’s climate.  “Research and Development has begun on new and unique combinations of seaweed-based biostimulants that will optimize abiotic stress management for crops”, says Nelson Gibson, President Acadian Plant Health.

We have created Acadian Open Academy, a scientific advisory board of twelve experts from eight countries that will validate, enhance, and contribute to a new wave of technology that compliments seaweed extract” says Dr Holly Little, R&D Director Acadian Plant Health

Our vision is to become the world leader in plant abiotic stress management, and Acadian Open Academy will spearhead this vision.  The inaugural meeting was held the first week of September.  “This is the start of a world leading collaboration with key experts in the abiotic crop stress arena that will shape a new era of abiotic stress management” says James Maude, SVP Portfolio Development Acadian Plant Health.

About Acadian Plant Health

Acadian Plant Health is a division of Acadian Seaplants Limited.  Acadian Plant Health is the world leader in biostimulant solutions, sustainably sourced, and scientifically proven to increase crop yield and quality.  Acadian’s products are used in soil and foliar inputs on over 70 crops in more than 80 countries world-wide.