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Plant Establishment

Acadian Plant Health™ solutions produce crops with full, well-developed plant roots that can make the most out of available water and nutrients for crop establishment. Our agricultural products enhance root growth and development and this, in turn, improves plant vigour. Stronger plants are better at coping with and recovering from environmental stress, and this leads to better quality crops.


Applying Acadian Plant Health™ products at earlier stages of crop development (i.e. to seedlings, cuttings or root treatments) at the recommended rates and timings helps improve crop establishment. To encourage root growth of new transplants, treat roots with a solution of an Acadian Plant Health™ product prior to transplanting. For plant establishment benefits, please consult your local Acadian representative to receive specific rates and application instructions for your crop.


Growth, crop quality and yield all depend on a strong plant with large, healthy root development. Multiple bioactive compounds found within Acadian agricultural products help increase plant root growth and crop establishment.

  • They contain amino acids (the building blocks of plant proteins) that serve as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • They contain alginic acid (a complex carbohydrate) that bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier for the plant to absorb. It also serves as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • Some trigger auxin-like activity in plants. Auxins are internal plant hormones that stimulate the initiation of new roots.
  • Some trigger cytokinin-like activity in plants. Cytokinins are internal plant hormones that encourage growth in all areas of the plant, including the roots.