Good soil health lays the foundation for a high performance crop. Apply Acadian Plant Health agricultural products to the soil at the recommended rates and timings listed on product labels. For soil health benefits, regular applications are recommended throughout the growing season to help maintain soil fertility. Applications can even be made at pre-planting and post-harvest to help feed beneficial soil microbes in the ‘off season.’


Acadian Plant Health crop care solutions help improve soil health by feeding beneficial soil microbes and by improving soil moisture. Acadian products contain complex bioactive compounds that encourage optimal soil health so that plants can thrive in their environment.

  • They contain amino acids (the building blocks of plant proteins) that serve as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • They contain alginic acid (a complex carbohydrate) that also serves as a food source for beneficial soil microbes, and it improves soil moisture by mixing with certain molecules in the soil to form salts that swell up when wet to retain water.
  • They contain different types of saccharides (natural sugars) that feed bacteria in the soil that help free up nutrients for plants.

Note: Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural solutions are derived from natural ingredients that have complex chemical compositions. As a result, Acadian’s products contain an incredibly diverse array of bioactive compounds. Through ongoing research, Acadian Plant Health™ is identifying specific compounds or active ingredients that induce certain plant responses. However, in many cases, researchers believe that plant responses linked to Acadian treatments cannot be attributed to a single bioactive compound, but they are rather the result of a unique mixture of bioactive compounds working together to produce unique results.