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The benefits of Acadian Plant Health™ (APH™) seaweed extract on citrus are well documented. As with other crops, applications during nursery, plant establishment and plant development lead to improved root growth, shoot length and improved tolerance to stresses such as drought, heat and salinity. APH™ seaweed extract helps maximize both fruit size and number, leading to increased yield, which improves gross return.


For best results, apply APH seaweed extract at the following growth stages:

  • Start of growth in the spring (feather growth)
  • 2 weeks pre-bloom
  • Petal fall
  • Every 2-4 weeks during summer
  • In the fall, apply with gibberellin sprays in mid and late season varieties
  • Post-harvest application: 2-4 weeks after harvest


APH products can be applied with fungicide and nutritional programs.