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Table Grapes

As with other crops, applications of Acadian Plant Health™ (APH™) seaweed extract during the establishment of vines increase root and shoot growth, resulting in stronger vines with the ability to take up more nutrients and water. APH™ seaweed extracts also improve grape quality by increasing rachis length, which improves airflow around the fruit and spray penetration. In addition, APH™ seaweed extracts help vines overcome abiotic stresses.


For best results, apply APH™ seaweed extract at the following growth stages:

  • At 2.5-10 cm shoot growth (foliar and soil)
  • At 25-30 cm shoot growth (foliar and soil)
  • 5 days pre-bloom (foliar)
    Avoid foliar pre-bloom application in varieties that are prone to under shatter. Use high rate in pre-bloom sprays on varieties that tend to over shatter.
  • Up to three sizing sprays
  • At veraison, berry softening (foliar and soil)
  • Repeat every 2-4 weeks during summer months
  •  2-4 weeks after harvest

APH™ products can be applied with fungicide and nutritional programs.