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Greenhouse Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse is not an easy task. Loss of productivity may occur when the conditions are not perfect. There are many parameters to consider including temperature, relative humidity, planting density, water/air ratio in the growing media and sufficient nutrient delivery. Why not give your greenhouse tomatoes a better chance for growth by incorporating one of our seaweed extract products? Our proven, eco-friendly solutions help your plants withstand challenges and produce more and higher-quality tomatoes.


For best results, apply APH™ seaweed extract solution as soil/drench every 2 weeks.

For hydroponic production with Dosatron system:
Inject APH™ seaweed extract in the premix system at the end of irrigation. Make injections every 10 days. The concentration of the seaweed extract depends on the surface area and the number of plants.

For hydroponic production with A, B, C tank system:
Add APH™ seaweed extract to the tank with nutrients but not to the tank with calcium nitrate (often tank B). This method is appropriate if the tanks are renewed every 3 days.