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November 6, 2023 / News

Acadian Plant Health™ Unveils BioSwitch Technology

Dartmouth, NS, Canada – November 7, 2023 – Acadian Plant Health™ is proud to introduce BioSwitch™, an advanced technology used to create innovative plant health solutions that stimulate plant growth, improve soil health, and protect against environmental stressors. Sustainably harvesting the unique seaweed species  Ascophyllum nodosum and using our proprietary extraction process to ensure a maximum composition of beneficial bioactive compounds, BioSwitch  stimulates crops by triggering natural processes and active compound production. BioSwitch-activated biostimulants offer a unique and consistent biochemical composition that delivers the most consistent concentration of stress-mitigating biomarkers on the market. 

“Biostimulants are increasingly being used to help mitigate the impacts of weather and soil variability,” says James Maude, Senior Vice-President Portfolio Development, Acadian Plant Health. “As the biostimulant market continues to grow, it’s important to differentiate highly effective solutions that are grounded in  robust science and research. BioSwitch technology is our commitment to sustainability and unparalleled performance.”

Backed by more than 20 years of trials, BioSwitch-activated biostimulants perform at a consistent, market-leading level. The proprietary alkaline extraction process that BioSwitch-activated biostimulants undergo is proven to maximize the extraction of biomarkers that form bio-actives from the seaweed, meaning that biostimulants with the BioSwitch logo have bio-actives that are produced  in their most pure and active state.

The core benefits of BioSwitch-activated biostimulants include reduced abiotic stress, improved soil health, plant resilience, root stimulation and growth, and nutrient use efficiency. BioSwitch-activated biostimulants are a key tool in regenerative and climate-smart agricultural practices.

As the world’s largest marine plant harvesting, cultivation, and extraction company, Acadian Plant Health strives to transform agriculture through sustainable, science-based biological solutions to support the industry’s adoption of regenerative agricultural practices for the benefit of plant and planet. With BioSwitch Technology, Acadian Plant Health is able to deliver consistent, reliable, and market-leading biostimulants.

You can visit the Our Technology page to learn more.


About Acadian Plant Health™

Acadian Plant Health™ is a biostimulant company with a core focus on sustainable, science-based biological solutions for specialty and broad-acre crops. Acadian is committed to launching patented innovative products, with a focus on regenerative and climate-smart agriculture.

Acadian’s world-leading crop science research and proprietary extracts are derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and comprise the foundation of the agricultural solutions we offer. We deliver key functionality to meet agricultural needs worldwide in the areas of performance and sustainability.

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