December 6, 2023 / News

Acadian Plant Health™ And World Farmers Organisation Launch Docuseries On Farming In World Challenged By Climate Change At COP28

Dartmouth, NS, Canada – December 7th, 2023 – Acadian Plant Health™ has partnered with World Farmers’ Organisation to showcase the critical role of soil health and regenerative agriculture for farming in a world challenged by climate change. The feature is part of a series called ‘The Future of Food’ which will be screened at COP28 on December 7th .

Soil plays a vital role in the world – ensuring the globe’s ability to grow healthy and productive crops while also being a powerful climate solution as one of the planet’s most significant carbon sinks. To maintain soil health, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that biostimulants such as Acadian Plant Health’s Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed-based technology stimulate plant’s stress tolerance against climatic change and improve soil health by increasing soil organic matter and soil microbiome activity, resulting in higher soil respiration and aggregation

With more than 40 years of experience as an international leader in sustainable science-based biological solutions, Acadian Plant Health is helping the agriculture industry go beyond sustainability to create regenerative ecosystems and restore biodiversity, propelling the $4.5B biostimulant industry forward.

“At Acadian Plant Health we are committed to meeting the needs of a growing population while protecting the environment,” says James Maude, Senior Vice-President Portfolio Development, Acadian Plant Health. “It’s essential that we see soil as a living ecosystem and subsequently manage it as one. Our products improve soil health, which is foundational to a regenerative and sustainable agri-food system.”

‘The Future of Food’ aims to inspire a positive change, to encourage people to think deeply about the agricultural sector, by promoting farmers’ best practices to mitigate and adapt to climate change, while feeding the world every day, in a more sustainable way. The World Farmers’ Organisation, representing over 1.2 billion farmers worldwide, is the driving force behind this series of films which highlight the efforts that farmers and food producers are making in collaboration with governments, international organisations, and the private sector, to secure the future for farming.  

Viewers are invited to watch Acadian Plant Health in the series now on YouTube.


About Acadian Plant Health™

Acadian Plant Health™ is a biostimulant company with a core focus on sustainable, science-based biological solutions for specialty and broad-acre crops. Acadian is committed to launching patented innovative products, with a focus on regenerative and climate-smart agriculture.

Acadian’s world-leading crop science research and proprietary extracts are derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and comprise the foundation of the agricultural solutions we offer. We deliver key functionality to meet agricultural needs worldwide in the areas of performance and sustainability.

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